Real Estate for Sellers

You pick the day your property sells

 Auctions are by far the fastest growing segment of the real estate market, no longer is the auction method just for distressed properties or foreclosures. More sellers are seeing public auctions as a great way to market all types of real estate.

Benefits of Real Estate Auctions

  • Auctions are an innovative and effective method of selling real estate.
  • Reduces long term carrying costs, including mortgages, taxes, insurance, maintenance, and other related expenses.
  • Creates competition among buyers to establish a true market value. Property can be sold subject to owner’s approval.
  • Eliminates numerous and unscheduled showings.
  • Property is sold as is.
  • Saves the seller unnecessary long negotiation process; hassle and haggle free.

Why Choose Bodnarus?

When choosing Bodnarus Auctioneering you are choosing a company offering unsurpassed sales, marketing, and service expertise. Our dynamic Auctioneer, Frederick Bodnarus, has over 14 years of experience in the auction industry,

6 Reasons why a Real Estate Auction benefits you as a Seller

  1. Auctions are now events, bringing together serious sellers and buyers.
  2. Property is sold as is, where is at date of sale.
  3. Typically transactions can be complete within 30 days or sooner if needed.
  4. Auctions realize the property’s true market value.
  5. The auction process manages both seller and buyer, including purchase and close dates.
  6. Generate heightened excitement, for sellers and buyers. (Never been to an auction? We provide one on one auction consultation at your convenience)

You pick the day your property sells!