Delisle Spring Antique & Collectible Auction Sale

Sunday  April 7th, 2013

10:00 a.m.


Delisle Town Hall

Delisle, Saskatchewan

Delisle Town Hall
Auction Coordinator:
Frederick Bodnarus - 306.227.9505

Furniture Show Photo Gallery Scroll Down to View Gallery Hide Photo Gallery

UNIQUE Mother Hubbard Style Glass Cupboard with Hand-Rubbed Finish

Wooden table with 3 Leafs

Set of 4 Oak Dining Room Chairs & 1 Oak Dining Room Chair with Arms (leather seats on all)

Hardwood Mirror

1800s Bonnet Chest with Ornate Mirror

Anderson Harold Paris Ontario Ice Box

Bench with Hand Rubbed Finish

Claw foot Parlor Table

Elm China Cabinet

Large Maple Dining Buffet

Fancy Elm Washstand with Harp

Spool-legged Fern Stand

End Table

Antique Medicine Chest with Hand Rubbed Finish

1800s Maritime Potty Chair

NICE Eastlake Dresser with Shelf & Mirror

Fumed Oak 4-drawer Dresser

Hallway Table

Ornate Early Press back Highchair

Elm Foot Chest

Oval Beveled Mirror

Carved Oval Beveled Mirror

Square Beveled Maple Mirror

Rustic Table with Drawer

End Table with Drawer

Small Willow Deacon's Bench

Large Early Ontario Walking Spinning Wheel 5' high x 6 ½' wide (EXCELLENT SHAPE)

Oak Rocking Chair with Leather Seat

Oak Swivel Piano Chair

Child's Wicker Chair

Oak Captain's Chair

1800s Fancy Footstool with Leather Cover

Maple Bar Stool

Trunk Stands (2)

Bentwood Highchair

Kid's Table & Chairs

Oak Wastepaper Basket

Wooden School Desk

Vanity with Stool

Old Trunks (3)

Kid's Rocking Chair

Sewing Basket

Doll Carriage

Pottery Show Photo Gallery Scroll Down to View Gallery Hide Photo Gallery

Medalta Redcliffe Alberta – Praying Hands RARE

Medalta Potteries Medicine Hat Early Vase RARE

3 gal Medalta Stoneware Ltd Medicine Hat Alberta

2 gal Imperial Medalta Potteries Ltd Medicine Hat Alberta

2 Jugs

5 gal Imperial Medalta Potteries Ltd Medicine  Hat Alberta

Old Pottery Mixing Bowls

Large 2 Blue-striped Jug

4 gal Red Wing Crock

Three Medalta Potteries Medicine Hat Mixing Bowls

Pottery Ink Bottle, Snuff Jars and Pop Bottle

Medalta 1 ½ Green Pitcher

Medalta Medicine Hat Blue Bowl

Highcroft China Medicine Hat – City of Medicine Hat Cowboy  Hat

Medalta Potteries Medicine Hat Cafe Ware Bowl

Medalta Potteries Redcliff Alberta – Redcliff Diamond Jubilee Commerative Bowl

Medicine Hat Potteries Orange Bowl with Indian Stamp

Medalta Potteries Redcliff – Small Bean Pot

Sunburst Ceramics Alberta – Large  Bean Pot

USA 2 colour, 1 handle – Large Bean Pot

Large Medalta Potteries Redcliff Alta Covered Pot

Advertising Show Photo Gallery Scroll Down to View Gallery Hide Photo Gallery

Four Wheel Brakes Metal Sign

Small Uniroyal Sign

Small Co-Op Porcelain Round Sign

1968 Small Saskatchewan Bike License Plate

John Deere License Plate

1950-60 “Drive Safely” Saskatchewan License Plate

Heineken Electric Sign

Budweiser Advertising

Grocery Store Pricing Stuff

Repro signs:  COKE, Indian, Texaco, Budweiser, Case, Marlin, Colt, Superman

Candy Display Stand

Very Early Store Advertising – 11” x 12”

Telephones & Cameras Show Photo Gallery Scroll Down to View Gallery Hide Photo Gallery

4 Old Bakelite Telephones (1 with ringer box)

Old Oak Wall Telephone

Repo Candlestick Telephone

Eastmen Kodiac Co Camera

Kodet Lense Camera

Kodak 304 Instamatic Camera with Case & Instructions

Kodak  Hawkeye Flashfun Camera

Primatic 3x 35 Binocculars with Case

Vario Camera with Case

Kershaw Eight Penguin Roll Film Camera with Instructions & Case

Brownie Target Six-16

Brownie Target Six-20

Westclox Big Ben

Western Germany Barometer

Bell &  Howell Filmosound Utility 16 mm Sound on Film Projector with Speakers & Amplifier

Ornamental Clock

Jewel Radio & Speaker

Collectibles Show Photo Gallery Scroll Down to View Gallery Hide Photo Gallery

Mixed Polished Stone Slices (Jade, Gold Tigers Eye, Agate, Thundereggs, Petrified Wood, Jasper, Dinosaur Bone Munson, Dinosaur Bone Drumheller)

Old Style Brass Door Handle Sets

Glass Shelf Hangers

Licence Plates

Heat Vents

Miscellaneous Trinkets Jar

Hesston NFR Belt Buckles – 1975, 1976, 1984 & 1993

Cow Skulls


100-year-old Oak Display Stand

JC Higgins Cooler

Miscellaneous 10 oz Pop Cans

Miscellaneous Military Buttons

Miscellaneous License Key Tags

Miscellaneous Pins

Pig & Horseshoe Penny Holders

Prime Ministers of Canada 1867-1970

Hopalong Cassidy Binder & Thermos

Baba Looey Stuffed Animal

Calgary “Buffalo Head” Glass

Candlestick Holders

Duke Fingard Electric Inhaler

Pocket Knives

Malaysian Porcelain Numbered Figurines

Bar Items

Nesting Dolls

Large Sea Shells

1857  Borsalino Grand Prix Paris 1900 (Anticacase Fonoata bel) Top Hat with Box - IMMACULATE

Alabaster Book Ends

Horse Book Ends

Bugs Bunny & Coyote Large Stuffed Animals

Chalk Ware


Cast Iron Mmini Stove

Cast iron Ship Bookend

Piggy Banks

Costume Jewelry


Clay Marbles

Glass Marbles

Imitation USA paper Money

Glass Insulators


View master with Slides

COKE Memorabilia

Brooke Bond Collector Card Books

RCA Victor Pecos Bill (Roy Rogers) Record

Wabasso Bunny Chalkware

Advertising Bar Trays

Small Brass Spittoon

Superior Electric Hair Dryer

Moosehead Beer & Budweiser Beer Openers


Juice Harp

Buffalo Ginger Ale Glass

Wade Tea Ornaments

Wall Carpets

Wooden Shoes

A. Santini Italy sculpture – skier – VERY NICE

Medicinal Items

Old Pens & Pencils


Large Elvis Wall Clock

Dresser Set

Occupied Japan Toothpick Holder

Sendbusch No. 320 Ink Well

Ink Stamp Holders

Original Mary Kay Lipstick with Box

Snub-a-rette Nov 1937 - UNIQUE

Hen on Nest (carnival)

Fancy Decanter with Six Glasses


Ornate Liquor Dispensers

Large Hat Box

Imperial Bank of Canada Office Calendar

French Ivory

Old Xmas Decorations

Thick & Thin 78s

Wilf Carter 8 Track Tapes


Wooden Flexible Rulers

1942 Imperial Bank of Canada Calendar (complete)

1940 Calendar

 Sad Iron Set

Bugs Bunny  & Wiley Coyote Large Stuffed Animals

Tins & Boxes Show Photo Gallery Scroll Down to View Gallery Hide Photo Gallery

Wearwell Oil Radio Gas - Axle Grease Can (Radio Oil Refineries Ltd, Winnipeg)- EXCELLENT

Toronto Elevators Raw Linseed Oil 1 gal (Toronto Elevators Limited Toronto Montreal)– VERY NICE

Imperial Products Esso Rad Anti Freeze (Imperial Oil Limited)

Shellzone Antifreeze 1 gal (Shell Oil Company  of Canada Limited)

RCMP Cookie Tin

Red Rose, Nash & Ridgeway Tea Tins

Union Lead Plug Tobacco Tin

Prince Albert Tobacco Tin


Miscellaneous Baskets

BC Apple crates

John Morrow Screw & Nut Co. Box

Cyclone Staples Box, New Zealand

Saskatoon CWM Box

7-up Crate

Canadian Butter Box

Vernon Fruit Union Crate

Sunripe Apple Crate

Wooden Boxes

1945 Melrose Falls Cheese Box

Oak Filing Card System

Climax Welding Compound Box

Kraft & Goldenloaf Cheese Boxes

OK Apple Crate

Spice Tins

Large & small Blue Ribbon Baking Powder Tins

War Memorabilia Show Photo Gallery Scroll Down to View Gallery Hide Photo Gallery

Army Boot Brushes

CIL Amunition Box

GSW No 4A Gas Mask

Berlin  1914 Belt


Canadian Legion Hat

Army Leggings

Radio Headphones

William Scully Ltd Captain Seaman Nov 84 cap

RCAF Winter Cap


Shell Box

Recognition Study Cards

Army Ice Cleets


US Army Gas Mask Bag


Army Coat

Lights/ Lanterns Show Photo Gallery Scroll Down to View Gallery Hide Photo Gallery

Coal Oil Lamps

Coal Oil Lanterns

Gas Lamps

Horse Lamp With Planter

Clydesdale Horse Lamp

Revolving Lighthouse Light – VERY NICE

Ornate Lamp

Lamp Covers

Glassware Show Photo Gallery Scroll Down to View Gallery Hide Photo Gallery

Sadler Ginger Jar

Ornamental Lady's Head

Silver Enamel Serving Dish

Black Cat Teapot, salt & pepper

Ornaments & Figurines

Egg Cups

Wade, Velleroz & Boch Jugs

Salt & Peppers

Depression Glass

Pressed Glass


Nipon Candy Dish

West Germany China


Cream & Sugars:  Sadler, Slovania, Sandland Ware, Royal Albert, Depression, Milk Glass, Royal Stewart, Queen Ann, Sandlandware, etc.

Beauceware Canada vase

Royal Winton Teapot, cream & sugar

Kaiser Vase

RCMP Plates & Creamer

Vasoline Ware

Birks of France Vase

Mugs – Germay, Fire King, Anchor, Bunnikin

ESD Japan Owl Bookends

Limoge, Wade, Bovey, Paragon

Bar Decanters

Teapots – Sadler, Price, Silver

Carnival Glass

Noritake Plate


Hen on Nest

Arter Pottery, Nasco, Blue Mountain, Brentleigh Ware

Soya Sauce Pottery Dispenser

Alta Glass

Cranberry Glassware

Toys/ Games Show Photo Gallery Scroll Down to View Gallery Hide Photo Gallery

Daisey BB Gun

Meccano Sets

Wooden Skis

John Deere Combine and Corn Husker

International Tractor and Harrows


Kid's Metal Dishes

Plastic Doll Furniture


Kid's Electric Ion

Miscellaneous Board Games

Chinese Checkers

Wooden Bowling Pin

Baseball Gloves

Old Tennis Raquet Holder

Old Tennis Raquet

Small Metal Child's Kitchen

Miscellaneous Tractors


Pelhan Ventriloquist Puppet

GI Joe Tray

Dukes of Hazzard Lunch Box

Kay-ee Sew Master Toy Sewing Machine

Gleaner Combine

El Bubble  Bubble Gum Cigar Box

Kelloggs Funny Moving  Pics Book

Kids “Family” Phones

Building Blocks

Toot-toot Fisher Price Toy Engine

Tinker Toys and Box

Trans Canada Airline Toy Airplane


Spinning Top

Star Wars Thermos

American Toy Logs

Kid's Indian Headdress

Mini sewing machine

Wooden Golf Clubs

Farm Equipment & Tools Show Photo Gallery Scroll Down to View Gallery Hide Photo Gallery

5 gallon Esso Gas Can with Spout – VERY NICE

Mica Axle Grease 25 lb pail (Imperial Oil) – VERY NICE



Beam Scale

Copper, Brass & Pyrene Fire Extinguishers

Saw Vice

Antique Floor Polisher

Beer Keg

Coal Fork

Swede Saw

Hay Cutter


Battery Jars

Hudson Bird Feeders

Oil Pail with Spout

Gambles Artisan Sprayer

Utility Sprayer

Cream Cans

Harness Stitch Horse


Monarch Machinery Cistern Pump

Kerosene Bottles

Smart Brockville Cistern Pump

John Deere Rain Gauge

Dodge Stainless Steel Lettering Sign

Miscellaneous Tools

Smart Brockville Tree Stand – cast iron

Brass Imperial Bushel Measure

Brass Scale Trough

Brass Dockage Tester

Wooden Vices

Measuring Tape & Levels

Drill Braces

Saw Sets



Blacksmith Tongs, Ladles & Babet Pot

Branding Iron

Knippers, Pullers & Dehorner

Neck Yokes

Cow Pokes


Large Horsehoes

Miscellaneous Horseshoes


Artwork Show Photo Gallery Scroll Down to View Gallery Hide Photo Gallery

Framed Butterflies

Framed Western Prints

Bolivian Stitch Art

Mathilda Brostrom Ship 1978

Budweiser Team and Wagon

1972 Lynn Schaefer oil on canvas

1955-56 S. Bernadette Hoffart large Water colour – Mt. Rundle

S. Bernadette Hoffart large Oil on Canvas – Mt. Rundle

Kim Murray Carved Wood Picture - “Maple Syrup Season”

1936 Veronica Heit Pastel

Miscellaneous Artwork

Miscellaneous Show Photo Gallery Scroll Down to View Gallery Hide Photo Gallery

1857 Borsalino Top Hat with Case – EMACULATE

Canada Metal Company Paperweight

Coo Coo Clock

Bell & Wheel

Ashtray with Stand

Pipes, Lighters, Pipe Stand, Pip Set

Advertising Ashtrays, Shelly Ashtray, Airplane Ashtray

Sub-a-rette Nov 1937 - RARE

A Santini Italy sculpture – skier – VERY NICE

Beer Capper

Old Costume Jewelry

Dollies & Table Clothes

Old Eye Glasses & Cases

Ornamental Moose Head

Fleur de Lis Genuine Curling Tam

Tom & Jerry Tie

Principal Cap 1992

Piggy Banks

Spiked Collar

Brass Bell

Miscellaneous Pop Bottles

Miscellaneous Sealers

Medicine Jars

Baby Bottles

Churn & Coffee Jars

Crown Jars

Milk & Cream Jars

Snap Top Sealers

Novelty Jars

Store Items

Dresser Set

Scissors, Patterns

Hair pins

Sengbusch No 320 Ink Well - UNUSUAL

Ink Stamp Holders

Store Shoe Sizer

Cats Paw Rubber Heal Boxes

Old Hats

Suitcases & Duffle bags

Old Men's Boots

Bank Calendars

Alabaster Book Ends

Horse Book Ends

Shaving Utensils, Mus, Straight Shaver

Superior Electric Hair Dryer - WORKS

Wooden Masks

Wooden Figurines

Rivitor & Shoe Lasts

Shoe Shine Kit

Sock Stretchers

Shirt Marker


Small Spittoon

Coke Can Opener

Cigar Boxes, Cigarette Holders

Cowboy Hats

Books Show Photo Gallery Scroll Down to View Gallery Hide Photo Gallery

Encyclopedia of Drawing Books


Old Hymnaries/Anthem Books

Needlecraft Magazines – Feb-Aug 1926, Oct, Nov & March 1924 & January 1927

Saturday Evening Post September 29, 1945

Popular Mechanics

Sheet Music

School Books

Mechanical Drawing Books

“Modern Salesman” - Practices & Principles (11) 1944

1956 Star Weekly

1933 & 1934 Canadian Geographic

Veterinary Books

Stan Kent Novels

Hardcover Kids Books

Kitchenware Show Photo Gallery Scroll Down to View Gallery Hide Photo Gallery

Butter Churn

Egg Crate

Wooden Ironing Board

Strainer with Wooden Press

Black & White Enamel Pot

Blue Enamel Pot

Black & White Urinal

American  Duplex Co. Large Store Coffee Grinder (WORKS-EXCELLENT SHAPE)

Red & White Enamelware

Bone Handle Knives

Silver Enamel Serving Dish

Kitchen Utensils

 Large Selection of Decanters, Steins, Shot Glasses

Food Scale

Metal Frying Pans & Cast Iron Frying Pans

Electric Egg cooker - UNIQUE

Electric Irons

Beer Capper

Dinkee Knife Set

Red & White Square Cannister Set

Cast Iron  Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker - UNIQUE

Granite Ware

Wooden Butter Bowl, Press & Ladle

Copper Pot


Gasoline Licence & Ration Coupon Book 1945-1946

Canada Meat Ration Tokens (2)

1876-1976 USA Colorado Centennial Coin

Cameco $1.00 Token

1977 City of Yorton Token

Rogers Pass Coin

1882-1902 Saskatoon Centennial Dollar

Oriental Token

Set of Stretch Penny Tokens

Set of Stretch Penny Tokens

Mint Canada Centennial Token

2 Foreign Bank Notes

Bread Token – E.B. Haldin Restaurant & Bakery Caron SK


Centennial Penny, Nickle, Dime & Quarter

Centennial Penny, Nickle, Dime & Quarter

US 1974 & 1976 Dollars

US 1977 & 1978 Dollars

US 1971 & 1973 Half Dollars

US 1967 & 1968 Half Dollars

5 Australia Coins

4 Brazilian Coins

4 Costa Rica Coins

5 Mexican Coins

5 Mexican Coins (different than above)

3 Euro Coins

7 British Coins

1 British 2 Pound Coin

Mint set of 7 Canadian 2002 Coins (0.1 cent to $2.00 value)

$5.00 Silver 1976 Canadian Olympic Coin

1999 Nunavut Stamp & Coin Collection in Case

Coins of the World Collection

3 Canadian Half Dollars (1979, 1987 & 2002)

1979 Canadian Silver Dollar

1981 Canadian Silver Dollar

1982 Canadian Silver Dollar

1985 Canadian Silver Dollar

1973 Candian Paper Dollar Bill (Parliament Setting)

1974 Canadian Paper Two Dollar Bill (Inuit Setting)

1972 Canadian Paper Five Dollar Bill (Fishing Boat Setting)

1954 Canadian Paper Ten Dollar Bill (Mountain Setting)

1931 Netherlands Original 2 ½ Gulden Silver Coin

1985 Republica de El Salvador 1 Colon

1951 Australia Large Penny/ 1961 Large ½ Penny

1955 & 1957 Australian Silver 3 Pence

1941 Australia Sterling Silver 6 Pence

1951 Australia 50% Silver 6 Pence

1950 & 1961 Australian Silver Shillings

1848 Italian States Lombary Venetia 5 Lire

1951 Greek 5 Apaxmai

1967 Greek 2 Apaxmai

1954 Greek 1 Apaxmai

1973 Greek 1 Apaxmai

1973 Greek 1 Apaxmai

1955 Great Britain 1 Shilling

1964 Great Brian 2 Shilling

British ½ New Penny; 1 New Penny

British 5 pence, 20 pence, 50 pence

British 2 New Pence, 5 New Pence, 10 New Pence & 50 New Pence

British Bronze Farthing

1985 British 1 Pound

3 Uruguay Coins

5 Netherland Coins

4 Denmark Coins

5 Mixed Foreign Coins per Bag

Australian $1.00 Paper Bill

Brazalian $1.00 & $200 Cruzeros Paper Bills

Hong Kong 1 cent Paper Bill

1894 Austria 1 Silver Korona Franc

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